Mix Well; Repeat.

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Recipe for summer vacation to remember; carefully choose one five year old boy and one six year old girl (preferably still attached to their mother); any type of these will probably do but try to get your personal favourites because it makes all the difference to the end result. Assemble and fold into a small car. On high speed, cure add a thousand to fifteen hundred kilometers (or more, ampoule to taste), sift in four or five well-aged towns, then carefully add at least a hundred relatives of various sizes and flavours. Once all is assembled, simply drive until all is thoroughly combined – then let rest, covered with special blankets. Repeat.

Take care not to over stir the ingredients. They’re best left to blend on their own in a hot, humid environment (some in Ontario call this ‘summer’). For best results, tend to the main items in the recipe, the little boy and girl, as they require special attention to keep them from turning sour during the process. Experiment with different specialty items in order to enhance their natural sweetness; mints and candies are old standards but may end up scattered throughout, markers can be effective however you must watch for them turning into lipstick. Some are certain that sleep will nicely do the trick but it is, in fact, completely optional. Lengthy songs and silly riddles are usually your best bet. At times the boy and girl ingredients may separate, like oil and water, but with some time, a few choice words, and a trip through a drive-through window, this usually dissipates.

If, like me, this is your first time trying such a recipe in quite awhile, you will undoubtedly be surprised by how quickly the technique comes back to you. Prepare for singing a song about ducks, sweating while kicking a ball, cursing under your breath, followed by laughing behind your hand. Notice the reintroduction of car seats, colouring books, lego people, Barbie dolls, story books, and bubble wands. Your senses will become attuned again to the daily repetition, over and over again, of certain phrases. Such as the spicy, “She started it!” Or the often over-used, “ Are we there yet?” But also, the simply delicious, “I love you.”




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